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Top 5 Statistics Plugins For WordPress

By December 25, 2014 Our Blog No Comments

Running a website, it’s far to enough to have best WordPress hosting, beautiful theme, and frequently content update. It’s also essential to statistic and analyze your website. To grow your website, you need to have a clear understanding about who are visiting your site, why they are at your site, and where they are coming from, which posts are popular and why. The more people visit your site and the better you know your website statistics, the more you can offer an excellent service. We would like to introduce some of the best WordPress statistics plugins to help you analyze your site.

Google Analytics For WordPress
Google Analytics for WordPress is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins with nearly 5 million downloads . You will benefit from all Google Analytics offers and use the fastest method of embedding it on your site. It tracks WordPress websites with ease and lots of metadata, such as views per author, category, post type, logged in users, unique visits, publication year, tags, and so on.

Word Stats
Word Stats adds a suite of linguistic diagnostics to help you keep track of your content and improve its quality. The reports page lets you select an author and period to analyze, and displays: The total word count, The number and percentage of posts of each post type, The top 20 keywords and Diagnostics tables, with links to edit the posts that may be too short, too long, too difficult, too simple, lack relevant keywords or abuse certain keywords.

PopuList allows you to track the popularity of your posts on social bookmarking sites reddit, stumbleupon, del.icio.us and digg. When PopuList is activated, a page is added to your dashboard giving the number of times a page has been saved or upvoted.

Blog Stats by W3Counter
This plugin adds real-time web stats to your dashboard including visitor activity, top posts, top referrers, searches and locations of your visitors. It requires a free web stats account from W3Counter.com.

Search Meter
Search Meter is a plugin for WordPress that automatically tracks and records what people on your site are searching for and, more importantly, if they are finding what they are looking for.

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