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Popular WordPress Plugins to avoid

By June 19, 2015 Our Blog No Comments

The following articles are for reference only.

Every plugin you activate makes WordPress a little slower. The following plugins are known to be severely resource intensive and could cause downtime, longer page load times, or larger process counts. It is advised that you avoid the use of these plugins:

Google XML Sitemaps
: can slow down sites as well. Yoast WP SEO sitemap functionality work better.

Broken Link Checker: This plugin is highly server intensive and it could overwhelm your shared hosting server with an inordinate amount of HTTP requests.  Alternative, you can use online tool (Broken Link Check) to check for broken links.

WP Post Views: Inefficiently writes to the database on every page load. The stats module in the Jetpack plugin is a good choice for tracking trafficOther plugins that we’ve decided to proactively remove include:.

WPRobot3: can also cause high load issues, and should be disabled if they are causing issues.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: Related Posts plugins are extremely database intensive. The indexing, sorting and all functions are carried out using your server’s resources. The Related Posts feature under the popular Jetpack plugin is a great alternative, It scans your posts, analyzes them, and displays related posts your visitors.

SEO Auto Links & Related Posts: This plugin can cause high CPU usage.

MyReview Plugin: Slams the database with a fairly significant amount of writes.

Other plugins that we’ve decided to proactively remove include:

WP phpMyAdmin: This plugin has fairly major security issues.
Sweet Captcha: The Sweet Captcha service was used to distribute adware.
WordPress Newsletter Plugin: This plugin was used to distribute spam.
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