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How to Automatically Empty Akismet Spam Queue Daily

By August 4, 2015 Our Blog No Comments

Akismet wipes the comment spam queue every 15 days. This snippet changes the interval to daily, forcing Akismet to delete all spam messages every 2 days rather than every 15 days.

Go to theme's folder and find the file functions.php - that's where you put all your custom functions.

[code] add_filter( 'akismet_delete_comment_interval', 'custom_set_delete_interval' );

function custom_set_delete_interval() {
return 2;
[/code] Save the functions.php file and then check that it works - go to http://your-site.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=akismet-key-config and scroll down to where you can set options. You'll see it say "Note: Spam in the spam folder older than 2 days is deleted automatically."


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