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How to Add Banners to WordPress Sites

By November 15, 2015 Documentation No Comments

Nowadays advertisement is essential part of most of the websites on the Internet. We will learn about how to add banner on wordpress, so you can placed your affiliate banner or google adsense on your wordpress blog/site.

Add your banner to sidebar widget

Go to Appearance -> Widgets. Then, drag a Text widget to the appropriate widget area. In our case that would be Main Sidebar. paste the banner code in it, set a title for the widget or just leave it blank. Finally, you need to click on the save button to save this change.


Add your banner above or below all posts or pages

To add banners above or below all your posts or pages, you need to add the banner code inside single.php or page.php files of your WordPress themes. You can add the code of your banner right after the following code:

[code]<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>[/code]

You can add CSS styling in order to make it look according to your needs.

Add your banner to the header or footer

Adding banners to your footer or header depends on the theme you are using. If it has widget area added to its footer or header, you can follow the instructions above Add your banner to sidebar widget. If your theme does not support footer/header widgets you’ll need to add your banner code directly into the header.php or footer.php.

Locate the following code in your header.php

[code]<body <?php body_class(); ?>>[/code]

And then add your banner code right after this code.

Finally, Good Luck and wish you get more referral and commission by applying this method.

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