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5 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

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Who in this modern world never accesses Twitter or Facebook or other major social media sites? It may be hard to find those people who have never dealt with such popular platforms. Considering the phenomena and sensation of social media, it may be a good idea to look at the following plugins to make your blog more connected to those social platforms.

Should you try to browse the Internet to find plugins that can implement the idea of linking your WordPress blog to your virtual life, you may be confused with which plugins you should pick. Below are the top four.

This is the fastest sharing space plugin for WordPress. It enables easy sharing of blog posts on various bookmarking and networking websites. Other than that, this platform allows you to customize the sizes and styles of icons that you use on your blog and the position of those icons. In addition, Sociable connects your posts links to popular social media platforms automatically.
This plugin is equipped with a lot of features that are aimed to help you, especially if what you need is more traffic to your site. This platform covers social sharing (as the name suggests), social analytics, promoted and related content and other monetization applications.
Social Media Widget
This is a user-friendly plugin that has made it possible for WordPress bloggers to use different sizes and types of both icons and social media buttons. The point of such customization is, of course, to make the buttons easily recognizable on your blog page. Besides that, it offers a sidebar social sharing widget which is attached to links.
Digg Digg
This plugin can accommodate your creative flair as it allows you to customize a lot of stuff, like the social media bar and sharing buttons. You create a bar that floats on your page and can be scrolled left or right. In addition, Digg Digg can practically be used with any social media platforms existing in today’s modern era.
Social Media Feather
WordPress Social Media Feather is a lightweight, simple, and modern looking social sharing buttons and icons, you can integrate on your site easily. This plugin supports Retina and high resolution displays and one of the important thing is, it doesn’t slow down your blog.

Cache wp_nav_menu to speed up your wordpress blog

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It’s great that wordpress has made it possible for us to custom the navigation menus with just several lines of codes. More details are in codex but this is not our today’s topic.

wp_nav_menu is the function to display our custom menus created in Appearance->Menus panel. This is a great function but it’s not perfect. It may generate quite a few SQL queries and more if there are too many items in your menu. As a result it may hurt your blog speed performance.

In general your  menus cannot be updated frequently so it’s a better idea to cache it by setting an expired period. To make this possible, let’s welcome Transients API and pre_wp_nav_menu (Requires WP 3.9+).

Long story short, put following codes to your functions.php and you are done.

[code language="php"]

add_filter( 'pre_wp_nav_menu', 'ct_get_nav_menu_cache', 10, 2 );
function ct_get_nav_menu_cache( $nav_menu, $args ) {
$cache_key = ct_get_nav_menu_cache_key($args);
$cached_menu = get_transient( $cache_key );
if ( ! empty( $cached_menu ) )
return $cached_menu;

return $nav_menu;

add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu', 'ct_set_nav_menu_cache', 10, 2 );
function ct_set_nav_menu_cache( $nav_menu, $args ) {
$cache_key = ct_get_nav_menu_cache_key($args);
set_transient( $cache_key, $nav_menu, 86400 );

return $nav_menu;

function ct_get_nav_menu_cache_key($args){
$timestamp = get_transient('nav-menu-cache-timestamp');
if($time === false){
$timestamp = time();
set_transient( 'nav-menu-cache-timestamp', $time, 86400 );
return apply_filters( 'nav_menu_cache_key' , 'nav-menu-' . md5( serialize( $args ) ) . $timestamp );

// delete the cache when update the menu
add_action( 'wp_update_nav_menu', 'ct_delete_nav_menu_cache' );
function ct_delete_nav_menu_cache( $menu_id, $menu_data){
set_transient( 'nav-menu-cache-timestamp', time(), 86400 );


5 Leading WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

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Not only does WordPress provide various plugins to boost its blog performance, but it also allows WordPress blogs to be used for e-commerce by equipping the blogs with the following wonderful e-commerce plugins.
One of the most commonly used plugin is WP e-Commerce. It has been popular over the years due to the facts below:
• you can download this plugin for free
• it supports multiple currencies and various languages
• it accommodates PayPal and Google Checkout
• it provides the overview of sales and basic inventory through an admin dashboard, etc.

The second most well-known e-commerce plugin is Jigoshop. If you have been dreaming of having an online commercial blog which looks professional, Jigoshop is the ticket to make it come true. Without having to hire computer experts design and develop your blog, you can simply download this plugin and pay for its high quality themes and extensions at a much lower cost. By that small amount of purchase, different kinds of payment can be made available on your blog.

The third is WooCommerce, which is a part of WooThemes. Considering such partnership, it is clear that WooCommerce presents lots of premium themes which are created by WooThemes and, of course, those themes can be used on a blog for online business. Like WP e-Commerce, this plugin also features sales reports, product and inventory management, coupon codes and other things which are likely to be needed by online businessmen.

The next plugin is eShop. Almost half a million people have downloaded this plugin. The cause may be because it is free and as complete as those which require some money. It reports sales data and basic inventory as well as catering varied product, shipping and tax options, and etc.

The last excellent option is Quick Shop plugin. The thing that makes it stand out from any other e-commerce plugin is that it adds a sidebar showing customers the things they have put into their carts. By using this plugin, customers can easily add or remove the number of products they have picked up previously. However, it must be noted that Quick Shop will work perfectly after you have installed sidebar widgets.

5 Excellent WordPress Plugins to Improve WordPress Performance

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Now that the benefits of using WordPress have been pointed out and some of you may have created a WordPress blog, we would like to tell you about these extremely helpful plugins which will make your blog work even more amazingly.

Let’s start with W3 Total Cache, one of the most popular WordPress caching plugin. It includes quick load time, network support, database caching and other advanced options. The bottom line is that this plugin functions as a WordPress web performance optimizer.

The second main plugin that you can try using is BJ Lazy Load. This is especially for blog that accommodate a lot of images. By using this plugin, your visitors can load the images and iframes in a shorter time.

The third most essential plugin is Hammy. As more various gadgets are now commonly used to surf the Internet, you have to be ready to display your blog content on various sized screens, and Hammy is the plugin that will help you prepare for it. Basically, Hammy takes your content which is in the form of images and then it reproduces the image in different sizes. Once someone accesses your blog, Hammy will automatically decide which image size best suits the gadget screen and shows the appropriate sized one.

The fourth is WP Parallel Loading System, known as WP-PLS. As the name suggests, this plugin is used especially when you want to make parallel connections between your HTTP and the server. By doing so, the time needed to load your blog can be made more efficient. Not only that, images displayed on your blog can be automatically optimized and page speed will be improved, as well.

Last but not least, the other plugin that you will probably love is WP Widget Cache, which is also called WP Super Cache. This has been a favorite plugin when it comes to caching. There are two main reasons why it is so lovable for bloggers. One of them is its use: it pre-caches your uploaded content so that it is ready to be viewed anytime. The other reason is because you can set up this plugin in a few minutes.

Reasons to choose WordPress when you start blogging

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WordPress was launched in 2003 and it was firstly known as a simple Content Management System (CMS), which was widely known as blog software as it was particularly used for blogging. Despite such an early recognition, WordPress has now attained the reputation as the best choice software for a web building platform in 2014. It is due to the fact that more and more people have begun contributing to this open source web building platform and developing its performance, security, and functions so that it can accommodate various purposes, like e-commerce and social media.

There are indeed quite a lot of benefits that it offers when compared to other platforms. Some of the main perks are as follows.

First, it is easy to use and it provides a great access. You can edit, add new pages and manage the content of your web anywhere around the world as long as there is a computer with Internet access and a browser that you can use. You do not even need to install additional software or adjust the firewall settings to do them all. In that way, you have greater possibilities to present the most up-to-date information to your web visitors. However, if you still have not figured out the way to do all that, there are a lot of inexpensive or even free online training on how to use WordPress that you can join to maximize its benefits.

Second, using WordPress does not cost much as the basic platform is free and there are around 2,500 themes and 30,000 plug-ins that you can use for free. However, if you want to get the premium ones, it costs around $30 to $50, which is a considerably small amount when compared to the world class site you can make.

Third, WordPress can be used for business marketing in a way that this system is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media friendly. Once you upload new posts on the WordPress web, those posts will automatically be linked to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook account. Besides that, WordPress constructs a web without too many HTML codes, which triggers search engines to index it.

Fourth, WordPress allows your web to be viewed on any device. Whether someone is viewing your web through a mobile phone or a web browser, WordPress will automatically configure the web content so that it can be viewed properly.

(Just) Considering the main benefits, it is no wonder that so many people use WordPress nowadays. Well, it seems to be the best that you can get to make your dream web.


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Considering the huge number of blog or web hosts provided on the Internet, it is no wonder that you may be confused when it comes to choosing which host is best for your blog. To end such confusion, below are several simple steps that can be noted down and applied in order to make an informed decision.

First of all, you need to be aware of the purpose of the blog. Is it simply used to share stories and pictures or is it to make money? When sharing is your main aim, choosing free blog host will be an ideal decision. On the other hand, when your intention is to run an online business, it will be necessary for you to pick a professional host which, of course, requires you to pay for the services.

Should you pick paid blog hosts, then you might wonder, “How do I know which host is professional and worth the money I spend?” The answer is actually the second thing you need to do. After figuring out the purpose, you can consider asking other bloggers about the hosts they use and browse the websites of blog hosts to figure out their current prices and packages.

Third, you might want to look into features that the blog hosts offer in terms of the limits of data transfer or bandwidth services, space allocations and whether they allow multiple domains. It is essential to make sure that:

  • The limits of the data transfer can accommodate all your blog activities. To figure out the amount of data transfer needed per month, you can multiply your monthly page views by your page size.
  • The disk space is enough to make your dream blog (with all the images, audio and video clips) come true.
  • Having multiple domains is allowed because it will save money and time. Since all the domains would be hosted on the same hosting account, you can administer each domain simultaneously through the same control panel.

Fourth, services such as a twenty-four hour customer support line and even a money-back guarantee are the additional benefits that you should be looking for (especially if you are venturing an online business) so as to ensure a greater possibility for a fully functional blog with no downtime.

A simple way to add stylish fonts: Easy Google Fonts

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You can select from more than 600 Google fonts and easily manage the typography (font, color and size) of your theme with no coding knowledge. This plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer so you can preview google fonts on your site in realtime. It's compatible with any theme.
Appearance > Customize > Typography,  and pick the fonts you want to use.


I hope this documentation will be helpful in transforming your blog to a better one.

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