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5 Excellent WordPress Plugins to Improve WordPress Performance

By October 22, 2014 Our Blog No Comments

Now that the benefits of using WordPress have been pointed out and some of you may have created a WordPress blog, we would like to tell you about these extremely helpful plugins which will make your blog work even more amazingly.

Let’s start with W3 Total Cache, one of the most popular WordPress caching plugin. It includes quick load time, network support, database caching and other advanced options. The bottom line is that this plugin functions as a WordPress web performance optimizer.

The second main plugin that you can try using is BJ Lazy Load. This is especially for blog that accommodate a lot of images. By using this plugin, your visitors can load the images and iframes in a shorter time.

The third most essential plugin is Hammy. As more various gadgets are now commonly used to surf the Internet, you have to be ready to display your blog content on various sized screens, and Hammy is the plugin that will help you prepare for it. Basically, Hammy takes your content which is in the form of images and then it reproduces the image in different sizes. Once someone accesses your blog, Hammy will automatically decide which image size best suits the gadget screen and shows the appropriate sized one.

The fourth is WP Parallel Loading System, known as WP-PLS. As the name suggests, this plugin is used especially when you want to make parallel connections between your HTTP and the server. By doing so, the time needed to load your blog can be made more efficient. Not only that, images displayed on your blog can be automatically optimized and page speed will be improved, as well.

Last but not least, the other plugin that you will probably love is WP Widget Cache, which is also called WP Super Cache. This has been a favorite plugin when it comes to caching. There are two main reasons why it is so lovable for bloggers. One of them is its use: it pre-caches your uploaded content so that it is ready to be viewed anytime. The other reason is because you can set up this plugin in a few minutes.

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