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5 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

By December 17, 2014 Our Blog No Comments

Who in this modern world never accesses Twitter or Facebook or other major social media sites? It may be hard to find those people who have never dealt with such popular platforms. Considering the phenomena and sensation of social media, it may be a good idea to look at the following plugins to make your blog more connected to those social platforms.

Should you try to browse the Internet to find plugins that can implement the idea of linking your WordPress blog to your virtual life, you may be confused with which plugins you should pick. Below are the top four.

This is the fastest sharing space plugin for WordPress. It enables easy sharing of blog posts on various bookmarking and networking websites. Other than that, this platform allows you to customize the sizes and styles of icons that you use on your blog and the position of those icons. In addition, Sociable connects your posts links to popular social media platforms automatically.
This plugin is equipped with a lot of features that are aimed to help you, especially if what you need is more traffic to your site. This platform covers social sharing (as the name suggests), social analytics, promoted and related content and other monetization applications.
Social Media Widget
This is a user-friendly plugin that has made it possible for WordPress bloggers to use different sizes and types of both icons and social media buttons. The point of such customization is, of course, to make the buttons easily recognizable on your blog page. Besides that, it offers a sidebar social sharing widget which is attached to links.
Digg Digg
This plugin can accommodate your creative flair as it allows you to customize a lot of stuff, like the social media bar and sharing buttons. You create a bar that floats on your page and can be scrolled left or right. In addition, Digg Digg can practically be used with any social media platforms existing in today’s modern era.
Social Media Feather
WordPress Social Media Feather is a lightweight, simple, and modern looking social sharing buttons and icons, you can integrate on your site easily. This plugin supports Retina and high resolution displays and one of the important thing is, it doesn’t slow down your blog.

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