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By Hans Malicky

ISBN-10: 1402030266

ISBN-13: 9781402030260

ISBN-10: 9048167558

ISBN-13: 9789048167555

Caddis flies are vital symptoms of environmental caliber in aquatic biotopes. This Atlas is the 1st booklet which allows the id of the full eu caddis fly fauna when you consider that McLachlan’s Revision and Synopsis of 1874-1880.

Identification of eu caddis flies has proved tricky as a result of largely scattered literature, and has as a result been an issue for experts for greater than hundred years.

This moment variation of The Atlas of eu Trichoptera includes over 1400 species this means that a rise of 25% because the first version of 1983.

Identification of specimens is likely one of the so much tough initiatives in Zoology. This quantity offers info with a view to permit the reader to improve his personal critiques and also will aid him achieve judgements in regards to the accuracy of his personal effects.

The identity of specimens is undertaken by way of evaluating the exact drawings of crucial features of all species identified in Europe, the Mediterranean international locations north of the Sahara, the Canary islands, Madeira, the Azores islands and the adjoining japanese areas together with the Arab Peninsula and Iran. The fauna of Turkistan and Siberia is in part integrated.

Explanations of the drawings are supplied frequently through symbols which allow using this ebook self reliant of language. this idea has been proved winning in collage classes.

The introductory chapters are in English, German and French. should still a reader now not comprehend any of those languages, the interpretation of those few pages, together with the pages of causes, will supply adequate figuring out for the whole book.

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Extra info for Atlas of European Trichoptera / Atlas der Europäischen Köcherfliegen / Atlas des Trichopteres d’Europe

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7-8 sBA discophorum KLAPALEK 1902 .. ~6-8 BA,KA 4 d~ neretvae MARINKOVIC 1988 .. ~ Glossosomatidae AGAPETUS d -, ..... 36 SYNAGAPETUS , * Agapetus fuscipes Catagapetus nigrans Ptilocolepidae: ar Glossosomatidae: Agapetus ci 37 !! 244+ fuscipes CURTIS 1834 3-5 v cravensis GIUDICELLI 1973 4 Crau segovicus SCHMID 1952 • 4-5 18 I ,?

31\ -: , aphrodite MALlCKY 1975 • 12-15 CY gudrunae MALlCKY 1972 13 KR '1. , Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila torrentium PICTET 1834 12-15 16 344+ armeniaca GUERIN 1834 16 SE m. tredosensis SCHMID 1952 PY mocsaryi KLAPÂLEK 1898 14-15 KA, BA evo/uta MCLACHLAN 1879 13-15 occidenta/is MCLACHLAN 1879 13-15 a/bardana MCLACHLAN 1879 13 AL, AP Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila lusifanica MCLACHLAN 1884 9-11 IB 17 344+ rectispina MCLACHLAN 1884 11-14 sAL balcanica RADOVANOVIC 1953 15 BA arcangelina NAVAs 1932 14-16 swAL ~ ~r'j~ \) fi joostiMEY1979 15-16 BA forcipulata MARTYNOV 1926 KK kumanskii SPURIS 1988 • KK loxias SCHMID 1970 13-15 sBA Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila munda MCLACHLAN 1862 10-12 W 18 fontico/a GIUDICELLI & DAKKI1984 * 12 MG urgl MALlCKY & LOUNACI 1987 • 13-15 MG angelieri DECAMPS 1965 • 9-10 PY gorgitensis SIPAHILER 1997 • 12-13 AM 344+ Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila 19 ci schmidinarica URBANIC, KRUSNIK &MALlCKY 2000 * 11-13 BA hirticornis MCLACHLAN 1879 9-11 kimminsiana BOTOSANEANU 1958 12 KA 344+ orobica MORETII 1991 * 10 sAL philopotamoides MCLACHLAN 1879 8-10 doehleri BOTOSANEANU 1957 * 12-13 KA ro confinium BOTOSANEANU 1957 • 11-12 KA motasi BOTOSANEANU 1957 11-12 KA Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila stigmatica KOLENATI1859 10 AL d' 20 !!

Oo. •. 1 , Rhyacophilidae"" Rhyacophila fasciata HAGEN 1859 10-14 11 344+ r3 f. kykladica MALlCKY & SIPAHILER 1993 f. denticulata MCLACHLAN 1879 f. aliena MARTYNOV 1916 isparla SIPAILER 1996 * 7-11 AM f. libanica MALlCKY & SIPAHILER 1993 v n Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila subovata MARTYNOV 1913 12-14 KK, AM 12 344+ adjuncta MCLACHLAN 1884 10-13 18 aurata 8RAUER 1857 10-13 AL marfynoviMOSELY 1930 14-15 18 m. : " I~, ~~\::: , 1 .. ' .... It , \/ • t' v 14 Rhyacophilidae: Rhyacophila intermedia MCLACHLAN 1868 12-14 344+ terpsichore MALlCKY 1976 10-14 18 pulchra SCHMID 1952 10-11 18 /aufferi NAVAs 1918 • 12 18 \ ~ .

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