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Through the Scottish Enlightenment the connection among aesthetics and ethics grew to become deeply ingrained: good looks was once the practical manifestation of advantage; the tremendous arts represented the activities of a virtuous brain; to deeply comprehend crafty and typical attractiveness was once to spot with ethical attractiveness; and the classy event was once imperative in making worth judgments. This booklet finds the background of the way the Scots utilized the gigantic panorama of ethical philosophy to the categorical territories of attractiveness - in nature, aesthetics and ethics - within the eighteenth century. the writer explores a large choice of assets, from educational lectures and institutional list, to extra renowned texts corresponding to newspapers and pamphlets, to teach how the concept that good looks and paintings made members and society extra virtuous used to be increased and understood in Scottish society.

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This page has been left blank intentionally Chapter 2 Virtue Following the development of the theory that the internal senses allied with both aesthetic excellence, as demonstrated in the fine arts, and moral excellence, as apparent in life and conduct, the Scottish literati, among other enthusiasts of the arts, opened up a much broader discussion of virtue and morality. 2 Their discussions far exceed what were merely matters of polite learning and go to the core of what it meant to identify the moral wellbeing of the individual and of an enlightened society.

Such occurs when principles of liberal education, for instance, compel us to turn away from the sensory object itself and attend to what it is that pleasures the imagination. He provides an example: Point out to two men, any object of distress;—a man, for example, reduced by misfortune from easy circumstances to indigence. The one feels merely in proportion to what he perceives by his senses. The other follows, in imagination, the unfortunate man to his dwelling, and partakes with him and his family in their domestic distresses.

Reid also offered a lecture on the abstract ideas of virtue and beauty. See “Notes from the Lectures of Dr. Thomas Reid, Glasgow, 1779,” Ms. A 104929, 8 vols, 1: lecture 13, Mitchell Library, Glasgow. 17 18 Virtue 35 Civic Virtue I want to expand my analysis of virtue and beauty in consort by turning to how the two together entered the progression for the well-being of society. First of all, fundamental to the schemes of the enlightened Scots was the ideal of civic and public virtue as a moral imperative.

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