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Onwumechili presents a thrilling viewpoint on African army coups and reminds us that democracy isn't synonymous completely with Western societies. He examines democracies in conventional Africa and indicates how those socieites sincerely outlined and constrained the jobs of conventional African armies.From this history, Onwumechili makes readers get pleasure from that sleek African armies are deviant associations, without roots in conventional Africa. quite, he argues, one has to hunt these roots in Africa's fresh, colonial heritage. Dr. Onwumechili is going directly to describe the explanations for coups and their strategies. ultimately, he examines how army coups could be avoided. whereas past suggestions have mostly failed, Onwumechili presents convincing recommendations in response to case experiences.

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Rarely do presidential electoral losers concede victory in most African countries. Moreover, there are several election frauds that take place during these elections that it is easy to find reasons for an electoral defeat. The power tussles that follow those elections are usually protracted and they threaten the country's peace. There are other power tussles that are not directly related to elections. For example, the protracted squabbles between Sourou-Migan Apithy and Justin Ahomadegbe who were appointed (and not elected) president and vice-president in the Benin Republic.

This principle ensures that each individual has a say in his or her own governance and that no individual, theoretically, has more say than others in the political process. Usually, this principle is implemented in the rule that each individual is entitled to one vote. Hence, equality is limited to political participation and does not encroach on other areas such as the economy or education. The notion of equal- African Democratization and Military Coups 20 ity and its limitations differ greatly when some traditional African democracies are compared to modem Western democracies.

Citizens participate in their local governments while their representatives present citizen opinions at the higher levels of government. The day-to-day impact of government on the citizens is felt in the citizens' relationship with their local government. Accountability refers to a system where the ruler is obliged to respond to the citizenry and the citizenry have a mechanism by which they ensure that their preferences are satisfied. The mechanisms used to ensure responsiveness in Western democracies are candidate elections and various types of voting.

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