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By Robert Wuthnow

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Robert Wuthnow unearths that those who find themselves so much excited about acts of compassion are not any much less individualistic than a person else--and that those who find themselves the main intensely individualistic are not any much less excited about taking care of others. Robert Wuthnow reveals that people who find themselves so much considering acts of compassion aren't any much less individualistic than a person else--and that people who are the main intensely individualistic aren't any much less eager about taking care of others.

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Language is the key. Marge has learned a language that makes the essential distinctions, that provides a way of defining total compassion and still makes compassion humanly possible in an individualistic world. Although her friends never judge her, for example, “what they give me is their honest opinion”— something that can only exist when individuals have a strong sense of ownership of what they think. ” But: “They will make fun of it when I act like a three-year-old. They will let me laugh. They always say they understand.

She has four children of her own, all of whom are grown and away from home. She lives in a different part of the country thousands of miles away. Having gotten a divorce several years ago, she now runs a small printing business to earn a living. About the only thing she and Jack Casey have in common is that they both do volunteer work. But Marge Detweiler’s volunteer work is of a very different kind. A recovering alcoholic, Marge gives generously of her time to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). She sponsors several people in the program, which means being available to them whenever they call for help, going to lunch or having coffee with each one at least once a week, and just being their friend.

They always tell me that it makes perfect sense that I would feel that way. ” Despite all the differences, then, Marge is a lot like Jack Casey. Compassion is something each has had to define. It has had to be defined within the context of what was possible for them as individuals. They have had to set limits around it. They have also had to figure out how to talk about it without demeaning it or diminishing its importance, and yet talk about it in a way that is true to their personal goals, ambitions, and self-interests.

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