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In general, the organic fungicides seem to be more specific than the inorganic ones (Lilly and Barnett, 1951). The chemist who develops new fungicides may have to deal with resistance of a fungus against the fungicide. Spraying of insecticides has frequently resulted in the development of resistant strains of the pest, and the use of antibiotics both in medicine and agriculture has led to 36 J . C. TEN HOUTEN acquired resistance of pathogenic bacteria. Until recently, there was not much evidence that the same occurred with fungi, but Horsfall (1956, p.

In such work, expertness in taxonomy and plant geography is important. Vavilow and others traveled to all eleven regional centers of origin of our crops throughout the world and collected more than 300,000 samples of seed and seedling material. Enormous unknown varietal resources even of such crops as wheat, potato, corn, legumes, rye, and flax were discovered. " Careful plant geographic studies had to precede the expeditions and finally the large collections had to be studied taxonomically. Vavilow concludes his chapter on the phytogeographic basis of plant breeding as follows: "The enormous plant potentials discovered in the centres of primary origin of forms and species of cultivated plants, should be subjected to investigation not only by the taxonomist, but also by the physiologist, the biochemist, and the pathologist.

One of the general virus problems is the attachment to and penetra­ tion of cell walls by viruses. Here, the workers with bacteriophages of the Τ system have got the lead (Tolmach, 1957). Another and perhaps the most important general problem is that of virus multiplication in the host cells. This will be considered in detail in Chapter 3 of Volume I I . Animals develop resistance to viruses by producing antibodies in the blood. Since plants do not form antibodies, the methods used with animals to stimulate antibody formation are useless in treating plant virus diseases.

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