J. V. Jones's A Fortress of Grey Ice: Book Two of Sword of Shadows PDF

By J. V. Jones

ISBN-10: 0765306336

ISBN-13: 9780765306333

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"Wonderful . . . J.V. Jones is a outstanding writer." So says Robert Jordan, the writer of The Wheel of Time epic delusion sequence. And Jones lives as much as that compliment within the hugely charged epic event of Ash March and Raif Sevrance, outcasts whose fates are entwined by means of destiny and by means of want, within the chilly, darkish international that threatens to be torn asunder via a warfare to finish all wars. they're yet of many that struggle the feared Endlords, yet either Ash and Raif are distinctive in special ways in which isolate them, but which additionally allow them to accomplish heroic acts that would retailer their world.Raif, wrongly accused and bring to an end from his extended family by means of the treachery in their new headsman, has a expertise for killing that's a part of his curse and his burden. yet he bears one other burden of larger weight. Ash is a sacred warrior to the Sull, an old race whose numbers have declined.Raised as a foundling, she by no means knew her precise background, she needs to learn how to settle for the bad presents of her heritage.But as Ash learns extra of her better destiny, Raif's job looms darkish and determined, for he needs to trip throughout the nightmare realm of the wish, a spot the place even the Sull now worry to tread. For deep in the wish is the castle of gray Ice, and there he needs to heal the breach within the Blindwall that already threatens the area. should still he fail, no longer even Ash's powers can retailer them...

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Turning to face the way they had come, Raif looked out across the Ice Trappers' territory and the frozen sea. His gaze traveled to the stone grounds of the village, then toward the shore, where a second village, built of wood and whalebone and mounded earth, stood abandoned close to the ice. "Our summer life," said the Listener, following his gaze. "Soon it will be eaten by the ice. A storm will move the sea, and the shore ice will break its mooring and come crashing onto the beach. Much will be destroyed.

He did not make way to let her enter and she was forced to reply standing at the door like a child. " Almost she thought that he would hit her. The anger was there in his eyes, but it shifted as quickly as it was born, leaving nothing but the hardness around his mouth. Turning, he bid her enter with a crook of his wrist. She watched him move. The leathers he wore were as fluid as cloth and they curved to his spine as he walked. Wolves' eyeteeth had been mounted around the hem of his greatcloak to weight it, and the fist-size brooch that held it to his throat was fashioned as a wolf pup, carved and silvered and packed with lead.

He wanted Effie harmed, she could hear it in the softness of his voice. Effie knew what he had done in the Oldwood ... and possibly more. There was no telling what the girl could learn through her lore. Mace spread his fingers wide across the pocked surface of the Chief's Cairn. " Raina held herself still. She knew how such trials had ways of getting out of hand, how supposedly sane and rational clansmen could flash to anger in an instant, stoked by nothing more than their own ignorance and fears.

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