New PDF release: A Dragon's Ascension (Band of Four, Book 3)

By Ed Greenwood

ISBN-10: 0765302225

ISBN-13: 9780765302229

ISBN-10: 0765341441

ISBN-13: 9780765341440

Aglirta is named the Kingless Land. as soon as a wealthy and peaceable river valley, it has fallen into lawlessness, and its feuding baronies are engaged in a continuing country of battle. however the land is kingless not more, for the dozing King of legend, King Kelgrael, has been reawakened by means of the efforts of the valiant Band of Four:- Hawkril, a daring and courageous warrior talented with nice energy and fortitude- Craer, the artful and smart thief- Sarasper, the discovered and clever healer and final yet now not least- woman Embra Silvertree, the paranormal woman of Jewels, a robust sorceressYet peace has no longer back. within the Kingless Land, excessive magic and wizard kings stood within the approach, whereas within the Vacant Throne, civil wars and backstabbing barons resisted the recovery of order. Now, a strong warlord involves front to take regulate via army may well, whereas the diabolic minions of the Serpent movement into place for a climactic conflict that would scar the Band of 4 eternally.

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He did not, however, smile. Red-gold it was, bright against the darkness of his dreams, looming up bright and fierce to stare right at him. He stared back into the dragon's golden, knowing gaze, caught and held by its regard as if he was transfixed on a sword. He could not move, could not speak, too terrified to even weep as the great wyrm turned lazily, so smooth on its vast wings. As large as a castle it dived at him, racing down, its great jaws and claws opening… And then, as always, he woke up.

How crazed those who spout them become, and the damage they do? The gods don't announce neat little destinies for us, lass. " "Easy, Sass, easy," Craer murmured. "Yet your point is a good one. " Ere Raulin could reply, the procurer turned to look at him directly, and added, "Well, here's where we'd best part w—" "Nay," Hawkril said firmly. "Even if it was not truly throwing the lad to the wolves, to leave him go his own way from here, I say he bides with us. I said before: every hand that strikes for Aglirta must be made welcome—or how shall the land ever be more than self-interested, warring families and cabals and handfuls of swordbrothers?

As white as Wind-fangs snow, in fact. The big man in the fluted armor smiled as he raised his open hand in greeting. "Hail, Swordlord of Sard Where's the Baron Brightpennant? " The swordlord licked his lips. "N-not here," he said reluctantly. " A swift murmur arose amid the guards of Sart Gasde, and someone among the line of them that barred the way through its gate gasped aloud. " "Well, since Baron Brightpennant is so careless of the safety and rule of his barony that he leaves it open and undefended to invading armies-such as this one, that whelmed in the very streets of Gildi without a blade raised to stop us, and has come hither with similar lack of challenge or scrutiny—I deem Glarsimber Belklarravus unfit to hold such office, and declare these lands forfeit to me.

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