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By Tony Atherton

ISBN-10: 0749430567

ISBN-13: 9780749430566

There are 168 hours in per week yet a few weeks it feels as though we have now been short-changed. the place did the time move? this article advocates spending half-hour on a daily basis taking regulate of some time.

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Think about your A priority tasks. These will come from your proactive planned goals, from routine tasks or chores and from reacting to events around you. Decide which is the most important of all and call this your A1 task. The next most important is your A2, and so on. Do not fool yourself with any nonsense about them all being A1s. These are all As, they are all important but they are not all A1s. They never have been and never will be. The B and C tasks can simply be left as Bs and Cs. Numbering them is a waste of time.

Nothing will then steal into your peripheral vision and disturb your concentration. It is hard enough as it is to concentrate without adding to the things that can intrude. Key Habit: Clear your desk of papers unrelated to your immediate work. Either file them or hide them. Filing system Does your personal filing system help or hinder your effectiveness? Could it be organized better? Things you need often should be the easiest and quickest to get hold of. Items that are rarely needed can be placed further away.

Forget them. n Identify repetitive C-tasks and eliminate them from your work. n A bank eliminated two repetitive C-tasks. They stopped returning cheques when customers made small mistakes: 1) The words and numbers did not quite match; and 2) Early in the New Year when customers wrote the previous year’s date. n A retail chain eliminated C-grade management forms. n A service company eliminated monthly statistical analyses for small customers when it found that they did not understand them. It sent short written reports instead.

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